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Graphic and Web Designs.

Photography has been my passion for over 30 years!

What I can offer you:

I will take great care in providing the highest quality images and designs you can imagine.

I know how important your projects and events are.

Quality Photography

I have been photographing nearly anything you can imagine for the majority of my life in all corners of the world.

I began my career in a very small market here in Salt Lake City, Utah. It forced me to learn a lot of different styles of photography as it was difficult specializing in one particular genre. I have photographed beautiful golf course around the world and fell in love with aerial landscape and architectural photography. I have friends, and clients in the construction and manufacturing world where I learned Industrial photography. The same with product photography where I learned to light products, vehicles and all kinds of shiny things. I love to photograph people as well, where I learned portraiture, fashion, headshots, events, and lifestyle photography. Please have a look at the galleries I have created in my portfolio section.  

Graphic Design

I have been creating art for advertising and marketing materials, well, since we use to send out for typography and used hot wax rollers to paste up our artwork! I resisted technology in the beginning and I am so amazed at the tools I have to create all of the art and design I now produce. I am addicted to Photoshop and Illustrator and learn something new every time I sit down with them, Thank You Adobe, for changing my world.

As a result I can help you with everything from a simple logo, to branding, re-branding, or an entire strategy and design for all your sales and marketing media.  

Web Design

I believe this world is a smaller place since the advent of the WorldWideWeb. Technology has made it easier and faster to send your messaging around the planet, with words, pictures, videos, and sound. I have been watching this revolution since the founding of ZekeStudios in 2001. Let me help you design a site from the ground up, or refresh your current one with all of the cool new tech now available!